SVGIADC – Argyle International Airport

SVG Argyle International Airport Company

SVGIADC - Argyle International Airport

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The SVGIADC ( Saint Vincent and the Grenadines International Airport Development Company) launched its new website today.  The ceremony was held via a press conference and chaired by the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines the honorable Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

The SVGIADC website consist both of static and dynamic pages.  Visitors can browse through the website and learn much more about the Argyle International Airport Development Company and it’s progress and building of the airport.

There are many pictures to browse through, there are also reports on the wind studies that were done and a report of the environmental impact study.

SVGIADC website comes complete with PayPal where persons can donate and make a direct contribution to the Arglye International Airport Development Company, you can use your regular credit card or paypal.

Also if you are have a business or a product that you would to advertise, there are provisions for that too on the website.  As time goes by this site will be drawing a lot of traffic and who knows what this exposure can do for your business over time

All in all I found the site very attractive and easy to navigate and this was long overdue, I hope they keep the site fresh and up to date regularly

Now I want to suggest that they instal a still camera or a time lapse camera somewhere on the Airport site on the ground somewhere, this camera(s) or all time-lapse photography is, really, is shooting a bunch of photos of the same thing, spread out over a period of time, and meshing them together into one video that plays back in a shorter amount of time.  So at the completion of the airport persons can appreciate how the place was transformed over time.  That’s just my 2 cents.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

35 Responses to “SVGIADC – Argyle International Airport”

  • dave says:

    I haven’t lived in St. Vincent for the past twenty eight years, so it’s abvious that I would not be awear of the every day activities that take place there. I do not know the contents of our constitution. However, some reasons I usually become suspicous when heads of states become very eager to change or amend comstitutions, especially friends of HUGOs type.

  • Paul says:

    I am 100% for the development of SVG once it profits the government and citizens. There was no study done on the Argyle International Airport in terms of economic viability etc., There are other international airports surrounding SVG and some are practically causing a strain to their country’s economy.

    Why is God’s heavens an International Airport now when the Arnos Vale Airport was not maintained properly. What make us think that this “NEW” International Airport would be maintained and be profitable?

    The government is constantly saying that they do not have money to pay landowners for the land which they are acquiring, then how are they going to have such a project financially maintained? Do you think you will always be receiving donations?

    Mr. Gonsalves PLEASE PAY THE OVERSEAS LANDOWNERS, we are waiting for a long time now and we have children who would like to use the money to further their education and live a better life rather than waiting on a time that we may never know. You have children as well and I am sure you will not like anyone in power to treat you or your children they way you are treating us. Please be your brother’s keeper.

  • michael richardson says:

    I;ve been living in the u.k for almost 39 years however I must solute our prime minister for the bold step he has taken, not like those before him who said building an international air port cannot be done [O YE OF LITTLE FAITH]as a leader you MUST have vision and leadership to make the impossible become possible. those not the bible said [WHERE THEIR IS NO VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH] go for it guys am right with you

  • Angus E T Johnny says:

    There will be no progress without vision and a belief in the future.

    St Vincent desperately needs an airport that is up to a standard world travellers expect.

    Although I have been back to St Vincent a few times since leaving in 1971, on a number of occasions I was in Grenada but did no visit St Vincent because of it’s ancient airport facilities.

    During my younger years in St Vincent, it appeared to me that all important decisions are mired in politics, this airport project suffers from the same mindset.

    Until Vincentians get their heads together and think of the grater good of the country, nothing will be accomplished!

    Don’t expect help from anywhere unless you are prepared to help yourself!

  • peter says:

    I applaude the Prime Minister for his GREAT efforts on such a huge project – Argyle International Airport.

    Mr. Gonsalves, if you are given the opportunity to see this project through it will definately raise Vincentians above and beyond and certainly St. Vincent will be recognized on the map. Investors will flood SVG for investments, Carnival will be huge and places of interest will be developed to attract tourists through the airport.

    Mr. Gonsalves the second phase of the project has began but inorder for me to enjoy the vision with you, I need to know when Mr. Matthias is going to release a date when the landowners of the second phase will be paid. Don’t you think payment should have been made before the second phase began? Please help me here because the landowners are ignored and cannot share the dream or the vision. Should we continue in a coma state waiting for payment?

  • vince says:

    Thank you for grate leadership, Mr Gonsalves , please don’t give up on your dreams and visions, of what you want for the country, I haven’t live in ST Vincent for the pass 35 years i have live in 3 different country’s and i see and hear how much the people of those country’s love and support visions that promise a better future for them selves and there children and countless generations to come , sir am of african decent , I think some of my people still suffer with a disease call post traumatic slavery syndrome, thay think that Vincentians should still live as second class citizen in the 21st centery , brother i will like to fly direct to StVincent , so all those who against ,the airport project ,thay are bline to the future , and we cant have bline leading he wont be able to see the enemy . keep doing what you are doing one day every body will smile when we could touchdown at argyle,int, airport peace and love

  • furoque says:

    hello good day

    i am a young person studying abroad, but for and foremost, i am a proud vincentian citizen, and i wouldn’t feel right if i didn’t put my two cents out on the table. i have being around for like 24 years now and i think i am more than aware of what has being going on in st.vincent and the grenadines. i love my country a lot and i want to see the country go forward and i want to be a part of that movement.

    i must commend the prime minister Dr. gonsalves for the great job he and those who are behind him are doing. he shows a type of characteristic and personality that has being lacking in st. vincent for a long time, one of vision, dreams and a desire to make things better.
    the way i see it a lot of vincentians are afraid of dreaming and making the sacrifices necessary to go forward, instead whenever someone comes forward with ideas we are quick to dismiss it because ” we are ah small country we can’t deal with that”. i myself am fed up of this mentality, what ever happen to the days when you use to have dreams not only for ourselves and our children.

    i can tell you something size never stop anyone before, look at japan for example, they are not the biggest country in the world , but because of visions, determination and perseverance they are one of the leading countries in the world. unless we open the door and take a step forward we are never gonna know what’s outside the door. my mother always tell me ” furoque dream and aim for the sun and even if you miss you will still have the stars”.

    it’s time we as a country start back to dream, because with dreams come visions and vision bring ideas and ideas lead to development, let us stop be scared of change for once and see how much we can be part of that change and help it to be ah more positive one.
    the international airport, is by far the largest project the country have undertaken, and they have being others that the prime minister and his colleges have done also which took a lot of balls to do. but you know what, no one else was man euongh to do it, so i will continue to give him credit for it.

    it’s time we as vincentians get out the mode of seeing every thing as being constant and finish but instead of them always having room for improvement. so people say we don’t need an international airport because a lot of island around us have. but the thing is ” they have we don’t”. and for those of you who still hang up on that notion, let me give you an example, if all your neighbors have tap water would you forever be begging them for water or will you get your own? we all know liat is the only airline that fly to st.vincent, and we all know liat tract record and our country has to constantly bail liat out, not the other countries that have the international airports but us, taxpayers money, because if tomorrow liat collapse they can continue business as usual, we on the other hand might have to go back to boats to get out of st. vincent..

    with all that said i would just like to tell vincentians, lets start back to dream, let us look and aim for greater things instead of being so constant and stagnant.let use be ah nation of pioneers, we have a young nation with a lot of potential. let us start tapping into that resevoir and make a better nation for us and our children.

    Dr. gonsalves, you are doing a wonderful job, i only wish there was 99 more like you so we can venture more into the 21st century with a more positive and futuristic outlook. so of you may say i don’t know what i am saying, i am studying medicine, i am about 3 months from graduating from my program with an MD, my mom is a single parent and a teacher, and i have 2 other siblings, a sister who is current doing her masters in economic and a brother who will be start uwi in august pursuing a degree in finance. looking back, it seems impossible what my mom did, but god has being good to us and he gave her a vision, she never accepted things the way they were and always told us aim for greater and better things. education is a way out and Dr. gonsalves know that, even if you are not employed in st.Vincent, we will find it much easier to get a job anywhere in the world with some education rather than none. i love my country, and i’ll be back to serve my people and country………………………………………………………………………………….

    furoque billy

  • Zona Libre says:

    Fantastic post on SVGIADC – Argyle International Airport | SVG Constitution – St.Vincent and the Grenadines Constitution – and solid domain by the way!

  • Eric says:


  • Conrad says:

    My people of our blessed home land, did all of you who oppose progres forget our National Anthem?

    Well i think that it is time you remember it, so here it goes. “St. Vincent land so beautiful with joyful hearts we pleged to thee our loyalty and love and vow to keep you ever free. What’er the future brings our faith will see us through may peace reign from shore to shore and God bless and keep us true.

    Remember nothing venture nothing gain and i say that to say this, I have been living in the Turks and Caicos Islands for 23 years and three of these Island have international airports. Grand Turk the Capital Island is {7} seven miles long and one mile wide at the widest point and it have and international airport. Mr. Gonsalves hats off to you and your team, because you are a man of action so may you live long and remain the Prime minister of our country, because there is bigger and better things to come, God Bless.

  • Gem Lee says:

    ST.Vincent land sooo beautiful, with joyful heart heart we pledge to thee.MR.Prime minister congrats to and the wonderful progress you are making towards our International Airport, this means more economy,more jobs for Vincentians and more tourism for our country.i am a proud Vincentian who love my Country very much and i support the International Airport 100%, two years ago my son and i visit the land of my birth(ST.Vincent&Greanadines) in the christmas season and we had to stay over nigh in another country waiting for a connecting flight, that is very frustraing when we was just 40mins away. DR.Gonzalves continue the wonderful works and may god continue to shine his light upon you and may he guide you into more new and developing ideas.

  • susan says:

    I cant wait for this airport to finish!!! well done mr gonsalves for realising SVG hopes and dreams, and dont mind the negative comments just keep going, we are praying up here in England and long for the day when i can just drag my luggage from argyle to biabou

  • Eric says:


  • BIFF says:

    The ULP govnerment is doing a great job down there in ST Vincent with regards to the development of the country in every area.This airport project and the revolution in education will make a big diffrence. Keep up the good works.

  • ronnie says:

    thank you mr primeminister for the progress you are making toward my beautiful little country svg .we love you thanksyou

  • Shieka says:

    We definately need an internationl airport.

    I left St.Vincent as a little girl and only went back for the first time ater 13 years and oh my god how proud i was of all the changes. Road fixed, road signs, beautiful houses. but after leaving Barbados and coming to the airport we have now, it really hits me how shockingly small the airport is. THe new airport will definately bring more tourist to ST. Vincent and will be great for the economy, and the younge once growing up can look forward to more available jobs. And also lets not forget the Buccament Bay resort.OMG…… I am so happy

  • mary says:

    well this is the best thing the prime minister has done to the country , am living in toronto and cant wait to see the international air port so we dont have to go through all the stress with these other country and also am working in the travel industry and i know a lot is waiting. also thumbs up to hon glen beache i can see he is really trying his best and push the tourism.

  • grace says:

    well it is final, my country svg is getting international airport. thanks to all who put their heads together as parlimentarians and other joint companies from all over the world, we as vincentians are very proud.All the island hopping will stop and over nights in other countries hotels, lost luggages and know refounds no one to compensate us thank god.this will create more employment for our young a vincentian living abroard who can’t wait to touch down on that air strip.

  • Hartley says:

    Thanks Mr.Prime Minister The RT.HONOURABLE DR.RALPH GONSALVES,I applaude you 100% for the great decision you have made of having an int’l airport at argyle.You have done your country proud. It will create new jobs for the jobless.On the other hand it will ease me a whole lot when i have to travel from barbados,it will cut down the distance i have to travel from arnos vale to georgetown. I think your counrty is very beautiful, i love being there with such wonderful people. St.Vincent i love you and hi to all of my friends there, god bless your country.

  • James says:

    Can someone given a definate date this airport is supposed to be opening?

  • ViV says:

    Mr.Prime Minister The RT.HONOURABLE DR.RALPH GONSALVES,I applaude you 100% for the great decision you have made of having an int’l airport.This project will create new jobs and open up the country globaly. This will ease the inconvenience I endure when I have to travel through Barbados or Trinidad from Canada,in addition my experience with Liat is awful, when one got stranded in Barbados for one week due to the fact we misssed our connecting flight…this experience will really turn tourist or investors away. Having said all of that as a Canadian investor I think your country is very beautiful, having to visit on more than one occasion. I urge you Mr Prime Minister to mantain Law and order and to create a good standard of living for the nation. I wish you luck in all your endeavour and may God bless you and may God bless the nation.

  • pal says:


  • proud vincy says:

    first let me say we had mitchell and the rest for almost 20 year, and nothing has been done it is very hard for we vincentian living in north america have to hop from island to island before we can get home, and i realy cant wait for that air port to be up and running in god”s name so that all of us can come directly from the usa,canada,unitd kindom, may god continue to bless our prime minister.

  • Rudy says:

    The people of St Vincent and the Grenadines are misguided and
    fooled again and again by the powers that be. Let’s be realistic. How can you complete a project of this magnitude in such time when the pace is so slow and the pledges made by the foreign governments may not materialize.
    I support the construction of the airport 100% but the PM (Dictator) Dr Ralph Gonsalves who does not have a clue about Construction of anything is going arround telling the WISER and SMARTER Vincentians that the Project will be completed by 2011 then 2012 and now 2013. The way I see it from my observations. “That Airport will not be completed and the first Jet will not touch down until 2017” and only if the pace of construction is increased 100%. “ME SAY DAT”

  • Rudy says:

    Let’s face it. The Lumber, Cement and Galvanize for the poor people of SVG who suffered loss from Hurricane TOMAS was distributed just in time before the General Elections. The people were brainwashed and fooled AGAIN by Comrade Ralphie. Wake up my fellow Vincentians. Do what is right. Next time VOTE DEM OUT. “FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU…FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME.I guess the Computers for EVERY SCHOOL CHILD is coming soon. Keep waiting kids. You’ll soon graduate without them.
    “ME SAY DAT”

  • Kirk L Douglas says:

    I am very glad about about the airport,its about time its not easy for the people of ST VINCENT who wants to come home and have to change planes in BARBADOS those people donot treat VINCY,S nice when we have to connect with LIAT there so I think its nice,at lease when I leave NEWW YORK I can come straigh home and not land in BARBADOS and take that small plane over its not a great flight,at this I have no plans to come home until the airport is finish good luck VINCY.

  • Kirk L Douglas says:

    I am one of kirk,s son I would like to come and see where my father come from however,I would do it when the airport is finish I heard about the small planes that come there and I don,t want to take that change so until your big airport is finish I would be there,but I am glad you all are moving forward.

  • Kirk L Douglas says:

    You all need to update the progress of the new airport with pictures,Vincy in the U.S.A. need to see whats going on.

  • dean m says:

    i am happy for st vincent… i am from st lucia and i wish and want all of the islands in the region to have prospering international airports, st lucia is planning to build a new terminal next to the existing intl airport in the south, i dont want politics to create any probs for this to happen. vincentians seem to be divided on the agyle intl airport.. we should think of the future cause the more hotels that comes on stream in st vincent the greater the need for a bigger airport, next dominica should strive to get their own intl airport to boost their tourism product, hopefully when in particular the windward islands have great new airports we can market our 4 islands as one tourist destination perhaps other islands who may think they are better will want to join our new venture .. so pls look at the bigger picture airports tend to pay for itself, and it will develop st vincent and catapault it even to the level of barbados then bajans may wish to come to your country more frequently…THE IRONY OF LIFE.

  • teresa says:

    I am very happ for my people in st vincent am living in canada for the pass thirteen years now and will like to come back to see my little country again. so it nice to have a international airport to long we the people of st vincent have been suffering.dont forget who we are bless let us let-go and let god. go for it pm

  • cornelius says:

    I think the airport is long over due and i am happy for all vincentian.Two years ago i travel to st vincent with connection in barbados ,the flight was delay at jfk by an hour .when i got to barbados ,the bajans are telling me i have to purchase a new ticket to took me about half an hour trying to convince then that it wasn’t my fault then i ask to to speak to a supervisor ive minutes after they came back and give me a later flight without any explanation .so you all have to be very careful when you go through with an int’l airport i will not be any of that.


  • sukisu says:

    Can anyone tell me if payment for the second phase has been made to the landowners?I cant get the information i need no matter how i try.Thank you.

  • Felicia says:

    I went to the groundbreaking ceremony for the airport in 2008. I pray that it will be finished by March 2012. I have long been waiting for an easy way to get to SVG from the US. Also I find it hard to believe many vincentians are benefiting from the many jobs that were created. Who will pay back all the money borrowed for this project?

  • Dale White says:

    Are Vincentians sure that the Gov’t. hasn’t put their souls and their beloved country in unbelievable death to not so nice nations, over this airport. Watch out for pay back time!

  • Judith says:

    I have to raise my hat to you Mr Gonzales, despite many negatives things I have heard about you, which I have ignored totally.

    I was nine years old when my parents sent me to St. Vincent to meet my roots (grandparents) in 1971 and fell in love with the island. I am now 51 years old and have travelled to St. Vincent many times over the years. When I first heard your plans to build an international airport back in 2003 whilst I was holidaying in St. Vincent I prayed I would not return back until it was finished. the abuse I have received from Barbados Airport throughout the years took its toil, because I am a Vincentian decent but British born the stop over to Barbados and the Liat flight was not a pleasant experience and deplorable. in fact, an encounter of a traumatic experience I do not wish to encounter ever again.

    My money for my flight to St. Vincent is on standby for next year. Once the airport is done well I can truly say ‘hello St. Vincent am back’ and I will be doing many visits to the island and even bring business to the island for fellow country people. if my parents were alive today I could assure you Mr Gonsalves tears would be coming right down their cheeks.
    I hope you know there are many UK vincentation decent waiting for a straight through flight to SVG. Keep up the good work and don’t let us down….

    I conclude the island will change for the better, lets just hope the government brings the investments for those who have lived in St. Vincent all their lives.

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