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SVGIADC – Argyle International Airport

SVG Argyle International Airport Company

SVGIADC - Argyle International Airport

Argyle International Airport Picture

The SVGIADC ( Saint Vincent and the Grenadines International Airport Development Company) launched its new website today.  The ceremony was held via a press conference and chaired by the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines the honorable Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

The SVGIADC website consist both of static and dynamic pages.  Visitors can browse through the website and learn much more about the Argyle International Airport Development Company and it’s progress and building of the airport.

There are many pictures to browse through, there are also reports on the wind studies that were done and a report of the environmental impact study.

SVGIADC website comes complete with PayPal where persons can donate and make a direct contribution to the Arglye International Airport Development Company, you can use your regular credit card or paypal.

Also if you are have a business or a product that you would to advertise, there are provisions for that too on the website.  As time goes by this site will be drawing a lot of traffic and who knows what this exposure can do for your business over time

All in all I found the site very attractive and easy to navigate and this was long overdue, I hope they keep the site fresh and up to date regularly

Now I want to suggest that they instal a still camera or a time lapse camera somewhere on the Airport site on the ground somewhere, this camera(s) or all time-lapse photography is, really, is shooting a bunch of photos of the same thing, spread out over a period of time, and meshing them together into one video that plays back in a shorter amount of time.  So at the completion of the airport persons can appreciate how the place was transformed over time.  That’s just my 2 cents.

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