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Miss SVG 2012 Carice GlasgowMiss SVG 2012 Results –  Carice Glasgow is Miss SVG 2012.  Miss was sponsored by LIME.  First Runner-Up was crowd favourite, Terranza Franklyn, Miss Mustique, also to note is that Terranza won all but one of the judged categories of the show.  She won, Best Evening wear, Best Swimwear and Best Talent titles.

Terranza Franklyn was also adjudged Miss Community Spirited and Miss Photogenic.

Jovonne John was Second Runner-UP and she won the prize of Miss Congeniality.

It appears that Terranza fell down in the interview segment, Carice Glasgow showed composure in that segment and that may have been the tipping point of how she was able to win the Miss SVG 2012 crown.

The Interview segment counts for 30 points. And, unlike the cosmetic effects of swimwear — 25 points; evening gown — 25 points; and, talent, — which can be rehearsed to perfection for 20 points, the contestants’ response to two questions often shows what they have between their ears, or at least how it functions when having to respond extemporaneously under pressure.

The Results
Miss SVG 2012: Carice Glasgow
First Runner-up: Terranza Franklyn
Second Runner-up: Jovonne John
Miss Community Spirited: Terranza Franklyn
Miss Congeniality: Jovonne John
Miss Photogenic: Terranza Franklyn
Best Interview: Carice Glasgow
Best Eveningwear: Terranza Franklyn
Best Swimwear: Terranza Franklyn
Best Talent: Terranza Franklyn

MISS SVG 2012 LIVE Streaming

MISS SVG 2012 LIVE Streaming OnlineMISS SVG 2012 LIVE Streaming –  Something revolutionary is about to take place this year with the Miss SVG 2012 show.   The show would be broadcast LIVE on the local Karib Cable Company.   Karib Cable has added two addtinal channels, 203 and 204 for this purpose.  For a fee of $15.00 EC, Vincentians can stay in the comfort of their homes an look at the MISS SVG 2012 LIVE. No need to go to the Victoria Park.  I remember years ago when SVGTV use to broadcast the show LIVE, that was free, back in the day.  Its the modern age we are living in, Miss 2012 is now a Pay Per View event…wowwww…

The programme for tonight is:

  1. National Anthem-  Sandrine Bristol
  2. Intro. Of 2 MCs- Shevrell “Candy Man” Mc Millan and Theresa Daniel
  3. Remarks- Sen. Elvis Charles. Ministry of Culture
  4. Intro. Appearance of contestants- Dance routine withContestants and La Gracia Dance Group
  5. Guest Artistes-Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra-2011 Champs
  6. First judged appearance- SWIMWEAR
  7. Second judged appearance- TALENT
  8. Guest Artistes- BEST NEW SONG- CALYPSO 2012-Bro. Ebony

BEST NEW SONG- SOCA 2012-Armstrong” Strong” Williams
BEST NEW SONG- RAGGA SOCA 2012- Aurella “Queen B.” Beache

9. Third judged appearance- EVENING GOWN
10. Fourth judged appearance- INTERVIEW
11. Tribute in song to Ingrid Mayers MISS SVG 1978 and Shanika Small contestant 2012. Contestants with MISS SVG 1999, KIMON BAPTISTE, MISS SVG, MISS CARIVAL 2002, JANELLE ALLEN 2nd RUNNER-UP 2004, MISS SVG 2011 AVIAR CHARLES
12. Guest performance by Shevrell”Candyman” Mc Millan
14. Final Walk MISS SVG 2011- AVIAR CHARLES
15. Results and crowning-MISS SVG 2012

The show is scheduled to be completed by12.30 a.m.

There is also some talk about the show being streamed online, but I was not able to verify this claim.

To Listen to the show LIVE you can tune in to this link all the radio stations in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Watch SVG Carnival LIVE Online

So who will win Miss SVG 2012? Tune in and find out.