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Anesia Baptiste Press Conference – LIVE

Anesia Baptiste Press ConferenceAnesia Baptiste Press Conference – LIVE
Fired senator of the New Democratic Party(NDP), Anesia Baptiste announced that there will be a Press Conference on Wednesday 25th April 2012 at the Frenches House beginning at 10:30am.  She also said that the press conference would be streamed LIVE on  WEFM.

Click Here – To listen to the stream, tune in here

There will be an interruption at 12:15 for local news and press conference will resume at 12:30 if necessary.

All ears would be in tune to listen to what Mrs Baptiste has to say.  Very interesting.

SVG Referendum Counting Down

SVG Referendum- 25 Days to go

Vincentians are marking off their calender days as November 25th draws closer.  On this day Vincentians will vote to accept or reject the new constitution.  It almost feels like a general election here in SVG.  If this is prelude of what is to come in the general elections , which are dued next year(2010), then we are in for a political treat.

I was listening the news on a radio station and I understand that there is a vote no committe comprising of members like Frank DaSilva and some concerned citizens.  From what I have heard I believe their argument is that they are challenging the $4 Million dollars given to the Yes Vote campaign committee and the vote no committee says they some of the money too to fund their camopaign, and they may go all the way to the courts to get this done.

Now, this vote no committee is not associated with the vote no campaign started by the New Democratic Party (NDP) early this year.

The question I am asking is, why are these persons and groups waiting for the last minute to bring their ideas, oppositions and various views to the Vincentian community.  These consultations were taking place throughout SVG since 2001.

It is too late to change anything that is in the constitution, all is left now is for Vincentians educate themselves on the changes in the constitution and vote their conscience.